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Dr. Hieronymous Alloy

[v4.1.0.0019] Vailian Hullbreakers no longer dropping?


I've run through a lot of ship boarding actions in my current playthrough, many of them against opposing ships that have the Vailian Hullbreakers in their armament -- the Goldbell, the Intrepid, Siren's Song, Heaving Harlot -- and I've done the Vailian ship bounties also.


In all these fights, despite boarding to ensure maximum loot, and despite reloading each fight several times to check if the cannons would drop on a replay, I've never seen them drop.


I've also tried a few fights against randomly generated "vailian" ships and haven't seen them there either. 


This is an issue because only one "vailian hullbreaker" can be purchased -- from the shop in Port Maje. 


So if you want to have a Hullbreaker broadside, currently, there doesn't seem to be a way to do that. 


I'm not sure if this is a bug or a design change or just an oversight but it seems like at least one of the three. If we could get some clarity it'd be appreciated.





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I can only assume this is one of the many shop bugs in the game.  I would think these would want to work like Royal Bronzers from the gunsmithy - one available initially, then additional ones popping up every few days - and the flags are just not set properly.


...and yeah, it's unfortunate, they'd be a fun cannon to play with.

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