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Dynamic Priests - Making Priests Great Again

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Priests and clerics have historically always been my favourite class in RPGs but I have felt them tremendously lacking in Deadfire. As such I have attempted to transform myself from incompetent non-modder into still highly incompetent modder to effect changes I thought would be appropriate to make priests fun, effective and worth playing. The intention behind this mod is relatively simple: to differentiate the various priest subclasses such that each subclass plays differently from the other. Whilst there will always be overlap between them (they are all priests after all) a priest of Berath should feel and play differently from a priest of Magran or a priest of Eothas or any of the other subclasses.


To this end each subclass (including Gaun and Rymrgand) has been reworked to give them all several unique features. These include new spells (of course lifted from other classes but never repeating priest spells that already are present) typically up to PL 7 with a few exceptions, a passive that includes both bonuses and penalties unique to the priest subclass in question and a complete re-work of holy radiance. All priest subclasses now have their own special holy ability that scales with deity reputation as would the standard holy radiance and is reflective of the ethos of that particular deity. The only exception here is Eothas since I believed the original ability fit the god well in terms of his alignment and outlook. Finally the horrible spell Incarnate has been improved and now lasts thrice as long and instead of decreasing your Power Levels by -5 it now increases them by +2 as long as the Incarnate is present, or in other words, if your deity’s avatar is down on Eora it better well do something, especially for you.


As far as balancing is concerned I have attempted to maintain reasonable balance but in making this mod I thought that interesting should take precedence over perfect balance. Overall, priests are somewhat stronger than they are in vanilla POE2 if only because of new abilities but more importantly they should be a fair bit more interesting now as well. Two mods I would strongly recommend to go with this mod would be Checoden’s Deadfire Tweaks, specifically his Vanilla Priest Rebalance and Priest of Rymrgand DLC and Other Hidden Classes. In the first instance Vanilla Priest Rebalance synergises well with this mod, improving priest’s performance without any drastic changes and in the second instance both the priest of Gaun and Rymrgand have been reworked and if you wish to play them as a protagonist, as opposed to just having Xoti and Vatnir respectively then this mod is a must. Below you will find the list of the altered priest subclasses and the changes implemented to them.




Do leave your feedback.

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