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Janitorial Design Position at Obsidian?


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Hello! I hope everyone is having a glorious first week of 2019!


I'm Brandan Lee. I co-created the Fallout: New Vegas mod Fallout: New California with my partner Rick.


A few months ago I missed the only Environment Artist post in the Obsidian jobs listing -- the mod wasn't done yet!


Now it is, and all the positions to apply for are Toolset and Code / Engineering related. I can unwrap a mean UV, but that's all witchcraft way beyond my Ki. Being a stickler for following instructions, the application process is to email with the title of the open position as the subject.


Are there any hidden handshakes for house elves you can show me?


I'd love to come sweep the floors at Obsidian and live under Mikey's desk if there are no art department posts available.


Love, Thain.


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Even if the job you want to apply for isn't currently listed, it still could be worthwhile to send your application in. That way the hiring people already have your application in front of them if a position like that becomes available.  It also happens that sometimes we might have an opening, but we haven't posted it to the website because we already know about some people we want to interview.  Just use the name of the position your saw before, or the position you want.

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