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Can't view Free DLC content pages - HELP!

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Hi all,


Finally finished Deadfire today, and I was trying to download some of the free stuff off the site - however, I keep getting blocked because 'certain content not appropriate for all ages'. What the heck?


I checked my prefs, and Deadfire was showing up as flagged, but I removed it and I still can't see the pages. Steam won't even give me a download link. Is that because I'm on a Mac?


Any tips? I've bought and downloaded all of the paid DLC content fwiw. 


Hitting 'View Page' just cycles and does nothing.

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I was having this exact same problem but on windows. I eventually figured out a workaround but it's a real pain.


What I did was sign into Steam in a browser and navigate to the Deadfire store page.

I then had to navigate to each individual Free DLC (I didn't get that infinite block in the browser) and hit download. I selected the I already have Steam installed option and the Game auto-launched after hitting download on each DLC. 

Once I quit out of the game the DLC showed up in the DLC section for Deadfire and I was able to toggle the check mark box and I was able to start downloading.


Not Sure if you're still having the problem but even if you aren't I hope this will help future peoples since I haven't found any kind of help for this particular bug.

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