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[BoW Bug] The Bridge Ablaze




The Bridge Ablaze BoW quest stopped advancing. I've entered the hub area, finished the Inquisitor & King quests, both ended OK and the choices saved properly in my journal. After that I entered the third portal, the bridge area and continued with the quest till the moment I can restore Waidwen. At this point I noticed that in the journal the Bridge Ablaze quest hasn't progressed, as if i didn't even enter the Bridge Area. I can talk to Waidwen, choose his faith, but this doesn't end the quest. This also mean's I cant get the Traveler of the Void achievement.
I can still make Waidwen disappear into the Void, or fight for me, and go on to face the lich-dragon, and later finish the BoW.  And the Bridge Ablaze still is there in my journal, unfinished.




Got only the savegame where Im at the end of the quest. It has been mailed to support.

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