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[4.0]Party member's hp disappears

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So this bug isn't related to a 4.0 mechanic but I've never had it before and I wasn't able to find a pre existing topic for it.


Two of my characters have their hp go down to 0 during a fight in the Drowned Barrows. They become unkillable and the UI shows them as having either 0 hp or doesn't show anything.


I suspect their hp go negative or the game loses track of their hp. It is not fixed by reloading or resting.


Here's a save before the fight where it happens: https://ufile.io/hdlrj

Here's a save after the fight where it happens: https://ufile.io/v1b52



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This just happened to me too. Really strange. It also doesn't seem to stem from damage inflicted, it... just happens somehow.

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