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Help adding functionality to Active Skills

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I'm looking to increase the functionality of Active Skills by having them enable more powerful, diverse options, and could use some help finding the right chunks of data for a few things.


Alchemy - Effect scaling re-enabled - No problem


Arcana - Adds scaling Spell Accuracy  - I've got this one down, although the best way to do it seems to be to apply the scaling through individual keywords. If there's a way to broadly apply the bonus to all spells and only spells, that'd be great.


Athletics - Bonus martial class resources (Rage, Disciple, Guile, Zeal, Mortification, Bond) at certain levels - I haven't looked into this one yet and hardly ever mess around with progression tables, so I'm a little lost. I get the status effect end -- "AbilityPowerPoolMaximum" -- but I'm not sure how to apply it based on an Active Skill's value and only apply it to the desired classes.


Explosives - Scaling re-enabled, Skill requirements added - No problem


Mechanics - Drop multiple traps (scaling with Mechanics), add scaling damage, add Skill requirements - This one has been a headache. Searched for and couldn't find a way to add scaling damage to traps, or how to adjust the number of traps you can put down. I'd like to implement something along the lines of 1 trap usable at 5, 2 at 10, 3 at 15, 4 at 20, but that's a combination of these things that I couldn't figure and the progression tables I rarely use, so I'm super lost on this one.


Sleight of Hand - Action Speed buff or active abilities at certain levels - An action speed buff isn't a problem, but I'd also like to add some active abilities along the way. Once again, not sure how to implement abilities based on Active Skill values.


Stealth - Free invisibility once/twice per combat - One use at 10 Stealth, two uses at 20 Stealth. So, same issue as above, except adding scaling to the number of uses.


There's a whole bunch of stuff here, so if anyone can point me in the right direction for any of it, it'd be super appreciated.

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