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A suggestion for Wael's challenge -- identifying unique items (possibly cursed!)

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Many of us have commented on the released God Challenges -- there are several threads discussing them. It's clear players care about the God Challenges and want them to be fun, and fair as well.


Wael's challenge will be released in patch 4.0:


All numbers become ??? with the exception being item count, party character Attributes, Skill, and Level.


I acknowledge that I haven't tried this challenge yet, but I have to confess I'm skeptical that it will be much fun to play. I'm worried that turning most numbers into question marks is going a bit too far!


I was thinking of Wael's portfolio (secrets, revelations...) and came up with a possible modification of the challenge:


Only the numbers, attributes, abilities, etc. of unidentified items become question marks.


The "unidentified items" would include unique items and equipment (like in BG and IWD). It could also include potions, scrolls, grimoires, traps...


The idea is that an unidentified item can *still be used*, but its effects and numbers would be unknown.


These could be identified by a character with high lore skill, by viewing in inventory (like in BG and IWD). Also, each merchant could come with an "identify" screen (cost of 100 to identify each item).


But more importantly...an unidentified item could be cursed, faulty, or trapped!


- unidentified items may be cursed and locked to a character (think Girdle of Gender Switching from BG), until removed at a temple

- unidentified potions or food could be poisoned

- unidentified scrolls could cast "wild magic"

- unidentified traps could trigger while being set


I look forward to hearing others' suggestions!

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