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[Spolers!] Can't take The Final Maneuver quest because failed Clearing out Crookspur



In my walkthrough I wanted to be on RDC side. The problem is that I completed Crookspur problem on Furante's and VTC's side before i even had a chance to find out that Atsura wanted another result (which i would fullfill ofc). As a result Furrante and Castol are happy , Atsura is frustrated and scolded me a little bit so i haven't gave this much attention. But then The Coming Storm quest came up and when i went to Imperial Command and spoke to Hazanui Karū. She told me the reasons why RDC wants to calim Ukaizo but doesn't give me the quest to kill Queen. She only asks something about Crookspur and then i tell her that Atsura allready gave me all the details about it. After that no lines leading to The Final Maneuver come up.

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