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IE mod while running the game through steam

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Hello all. I am using a chanter and hate that my chant damage doesn't get added to my character sheet for comparison to my teammates. I recently discovered that "UPMod" fixes this issue.  So i went ahead and installed it ( which seemed to require i install IE Mod first).


Now, near as I can tell, I cant launch the game form steam anymore, I have to launch it from their own launcher.  The only thing I miss is being able to hit "shift + tab" in game to bring up the steam panel ( talk to steam friends/view achievements).  Is there a way to allow me to have the UpMod working, but also keep the "steam functions" of the game active?


Thanks in advance for your help!


EDIT: I found instructions related to exactly my issue on the IEMod page at nexusmods. I'll copy paste the last (optional) step to install to resolve my above issue in case others are having the same issue, or this post can just be deleted as It is resolved on my end, whichever the mods think is better for the community.



(Optional step, if you want to launch through Steam for the overlay and achievements)

Once the game has been launched using the patchwork launcher at least once, you will find a file called
Assembly-CSharp.dll.pw.modified in your Managed Folder, which should at this path
Steam > steamapps > common > Pillars of Eternity > PillarsOfEternity_Data > Managed

Make a backup of the vanilla Assembly-CSharp.dll by renaming it or copying it somewhere safe.
Then rename Assembly-CSharp.dll.pw.modified to Assembly-CSharp.dll

You can now launch the game as you would have in the past.

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