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Xoti Spiritual Weapon and Abydon Challenge





I am not sure if I just got really unlucky or there is some shenanigans going on. I have Abydon Challenge on and I am a paranoid loot whore. I keep my stuff repaired at all time. And whenever I can I use Spiritual Weapons and I often swap my weapons around.


Xoti just lost her shield after one fight, and I do not see any "weapon damaged beyond repair icon" in her off hand.


Location: Temple of Tangaloa Ruin

Version: v3.02.0027


I have Arms Beared on Xoti, and I have all her weapon modal ability skills active.

I cast Xoti Spiritual Weapon during the fight after the end of the fight there is some minor damage on the sickle and the shield is gone without any trace.

The fight took a while and I didn't notice when exactly Xoti lost her shield.




Now I wonder would en enemy chanter phrase "Come, Come Swift Winds of Death" damage the items?


Save on google drive:






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