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How do I make armor display any color I select?

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I want to make armor like Angio's Gamebeson, Jack of Wide Waters and other armors adopt the color you choose like other basic armors such as padded armor.


Both are sky blue no matter what I do and honestly they are ugly to look at.


Anyone here know how to edit to make these armors change to the color I select?


I have tried comparing padded armor and angio's gambeson side-by-side with UABE but can't find anything that appears to differentiate the two armors' colors when equiping them.


Some help please...

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All I have noticed that is different when comparing padded armor and jack of wide waters is both 2dTextures for padded armor are in ARGB32 format, and for jack of wide waters only one is with its other 2dTexture in DXT5 format. The same DXT5 format exists with Angio's Gambeson as well.


Has anyone successfully edited the assest bundle for these 2 armors to make them always default to the color I choose in-game?

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