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Scrying Bug or is it just Lem? (cause I know Lem is buggy)



I really like this game, but there are lots of bugs that I almost want to stop playing it altogether. Truth betold I hadn't played it in several months, maybe even a year because of how buggy it is. I am in Jorgenfist (4-2) and this is my most recent problem.


What platform are you on? Android

What version of the OS are you running? 8.0.0

What model is the device? LG V30

What is your PFID#? 81EB4067C5390099

Is pass & play on?  Is permadeath on? No. No

Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode? Story Mode, and no I did not recently start it.

Characters in Party, Location, and Turn Order

  1. Harsk – Treacherous Cave
  2. Lem – City Gate
  3. Seoni – Prison
  4. Valeros – Guard Tower
  5. Merisiel – Courtyard
  6. Kyra - Garrison

Scenario & Scenario Difficulty.  Jorgenfist (4-2) Heroic Difficulty – Darkest Night

What card was encountered when the issue occurred? I played Scrying with Lem on Lem’s location on Lem’s turn before he explored. I found Jorgenfist Stone Giant Henchman, Werewolf, and another card that didn't matter and placed JSG on on top. Then, it wouldn’t let me encounter the henchman.

Did the issue occur on the first explore or a subsequent explore?  1st exploration. 

Did other characters aid the check?  No. 

Was the encounter a Horde? No.

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