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Small texts and icons in the UI



Hi, hi.


I've just got Pillars of Eternity, tried it for a bit and it already seems like the real good game I was imagining it was, so my compliments to everyone here!


Though, as you've imagined, I've an issue.


The text in the UI, the user interface, is incredibly small and I don't see a way to adjust it.


I mean, the text in the objects description scale pretty well, so it does that in the box in the right, low corner, but the size of the buttons and their text, this is simply really small.

I've tried any of the screen resolution the graphic option allows me to select but nothing changes.


A screen to clarify my point:






There, in the left corner. The Cypher spells (I'm playing the Italian version, so the text is in Italian) are written in that tiny font, so tiny are those buttons, ah.


There's a way, inside or outside the game to improve this situation? I'm open to mod or anything, guys.


Thanks in advance.

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