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I made some modifications to some cipher abilities to make ciphers a good addition to a PotD team for people who liked how the class functioned in PoE1




nerfed charm durations somewhat but mildly improved some shred spells as well as made class staples like Mental Binding, Defensive Mindweb, Psychovampiric shield, Wild Leech useful. All in all made using a greater variety of abilities more appealing and thereby making single-class cipher not run into a bottleneck of becoming a one trick pony.


I recommend the mod with deadly deadfire hardcore version on PotD upscaled to boost enemy defensives and hp to make fights longer, more epic and make cipher persistent casting more desirable than per encounter abilities of many other classes (which you can still use if you want immediate cc or damage without focus generation in between).




use the "hard core" version. - you will be needing to maximize enemy debuffs, damage and healing efficiency of your party.  

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