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New MOD to disable storm events
I hate that there's no menu option to disable these random sea events (going to do those annoying fish, sex etc ones next as they're just an annoying an repetitive)
Sailing very long distances takes a while so I usually do something else when this is going on only to find I'm in some random sea event I wanna skip and continue to my destination (WHY did they put these annoying events in such and otherwise superb game?)
No Storms disables the annoying Storm encounters while at sea, you can now just sail straight through any storm.
As storms move randomly around the Deadfire Archipelago. Sailing form point A to point B while not paying attention to the game can result in a potentially game ending or very expensive event.
There's even a storm that never moves at an island at 37'19 S, 54'5 E that you have to sail through in order to land. Once there you can get to a shipwreck with some good loot. No Storms lets you land without any problems - just sail straight through the storm.


No Storms is available here

OK Fair warning has been applied


I'm gonna move the domain to https://perspak.com early Feb but will keep all content


There are reasons behind this move which basically boil down to unifying my release schedule


My friends are welcome to play (I'll set you up your own areas if you desire them)


Please note that this process is messy so may take a few weeks 

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