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I bought the game on release and played a few hours that night. Everything ran smoothly at that time. But time was short so I didn't launch the game again in May. When I started up again, I ran into frequent performance stutters where the game would simply freeze for a full second or more. This mostly happened in combat but could also happen while simply walking around.  In combat the freezes seem to be tied to ability usage and hit most frequently in the early stages of combat. When walking around the freezes seem completely random, although there may be some correlation to voice clips playing from NPCs that I am passing by.


I updated my graphics drivers and have tried toggling off various graphics settings individually and in combinations, without much luck. The only thing that seemed to have any impact at all was disabling dynamic lights with the latest patch. This dropped the frequency of freezes noticeably but they are still very common. This may be in part due to the fact that the disable flag may not be 100% effective. Xoti's lantern and street lights no longer illuminate the environment, but some abilities still do when they are used in combat, and the game tends to freeze around these events.


I've attached requested diagnostic files.

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