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A Paradise of the Mind / Crookspur Ending Slide Bug





Resolving the quest "A Paradise of the Mind" by offering to have slaves delivered to Splintered Reef appears to have an ending slide associated with this outcome, but offering to have slaves sent from Crookspur causes an alliance to form with Mezzenago but no ending slide with slaves being sent to Splintered Reef occurs (Crookspur has its normal ending if they are left alone and no Splintered Reef ending slide plays).


Speaking with Mezzenago after offering this alliance has him remark you haven't delivered through on the bargain, but talking to Master Kua or the auctioneer on Crookspur gives no dialogue options to request they send slaves. I had already completed "Tip of the Spear" for Crookspur and Master Kua's dialogue continues to let me tell him over and over I've dealt with the Wahaki without any new dialogue options.


Completing "A Paradise of the Mind" this way still grants one access to the Lifeless assisting the Watcher in the final navy battle outside Ondra's Mortar. It's just the ending slide that appears unaffected.

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