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Sabel destroyed my game as a last ditch effort at revenge.



Hello, all. I've just gotten into Concelhaut's apprentice chambers (I assume that's what they are) and fought Sabel in her room. Upon killing her, the framerate dropped to a complete crawl, and then a halt.


I waited, and it seemed that at every 2 minute interval the game would briefly manage 2 seconds per frame for around 10 seconds, updating the combat log. Thankfully it seemed to provide an answer as to what the culprit was: Sabel, despite being dead, was rapidly affecting everybody with Arkemyr's Wondrous Torment.


I waited around 20 minutes for the game to unfreeze, but no luck. The combat log often looked like this:


168: Miss 90: Graze 120:Hit 320: Crit. (A rough example)


This happened multiple times over the 20 minute waiting period. Unfortunately no method of taking screenshots was available to me. I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but my PC was dying while this was happening, and it took me roughly 5 minutes just to shut the game down in task manager.


Thanks in advance.

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