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Huana Guard Bug


When I sided with the Deadfire Company and got the mission to kill the queen, I went to the palace a lot of the guards bugged, locking me in combat so I could not enter the next door.  Certain spells seem to cause the guards to become untargetable indefinitely.  I tried increasing the game speed thinking it may just be a spell they cast, but they never return and I have noticed some of the guard models will follow my characters in an attack posture, like they're still alive but there is no healthbar and are untargetable.  Most of the time the model just stands where it bugged out.


The upstairs part of the palace I cannot progress through.  The watershapers bug out when they shapeshift, and one of the guards always goes untargetable, locking me in combat.  Pretty frustrating.  I haven't seen this (searched but no results) posted anywhere so I thought I'd bring it to developer attention.


Attached is my save file for reproduction, it seems to happen a lot.  I basically quicksaved/loaded my way through the outer palace area.


Edit: It seems my attachment wasn't uploaded.  I compressed it, but it's still about 3.5mb and I can only upload 507kb.  


Edit 2: I've tested it some more, it seems to be an issue with confounding blind (at least that triggers it a lot from what I've noticed) on Ydwin.  After she shadowsteps to an enemy and hits them with counfounding blind, they instantly become untargetable, but sometimes continue to attack her.  She has Grave Calling and Magistrate's Cudgel equipped for weapons, so it could be a proc from that too.

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