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BUG: Can't turn in Fruitful Alliance. Instead get new Shadow of Neketaka quest.



Description: I come in to a quest loop where I finish the quest Shadow of Neketaka, get the quest Fruitful Alliance, and then when I try to turn in Fruitful Alliance I am not able to do so, but instead get the quest Shadow of Neketaka again from the beginning - Which I can't finish since I already did.


Part of this bug (I belive) Is that I can't seem to fix the dragon issue by retaining part of its soul even though I have enough metaphysics(?) to do so according to the dialogue option avality.

This pushes me in to doing a fight with the dragon, which I win, and then I can actually do what I want (Which is keeping part of the dragon soul, and letting it free as well)


Often the fight with the dragon wont end even though Im interacting with it using dialogue.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

1. Use attached savefile, finish dragon in any way you want (I tried all)

2. Turn in quest to Queen of Neketaka.

3. Get Fruitful Alliance quest.

4. Realize that earlier actions by character/party have made it so that this quest is already ready to be turnt in to Queen of Neketaka.

5. Turn in quest to Queen of Neketaka.


At this point you will se that it is not possible. You will instead get the Shadow of Neketaka quest again which, as stated above, can't be finished.


Important Files:


Included dxdiag file, savefile, output log.




No included screenshot. I did not find it neccessary to include, but can be done on request.







*Please* help me with this issue. I cannot finish the game or push the stpry forward.



Thanks in advance.



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