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Game crashed randomly twice so far.




Game is crashing at strange points in the game. After it crashes I have been able to load the game and pass that point so far.


Steps to Reproduce:

The first time (2018-05-23_161838): I just got done with beating Murtel the Mad and I clicked on the Oasis or what not that gives you water and it crashed. That save file was an auto save however and it was overwritten.


Second time (2018-05-24_185636): Was fighting Steel Preacher guy to the west. Load the save file and fight him. It crashed as I was fighting. "Fire Wall" was was cast right at the beginning of the fight, after the spell expired. I had Aloth cast "Black Tentacles" and the game crashed.


I Would have attached Dxdiag, saved game, and the two crash logs but, "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file".


So if you want the files go here.

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