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I need to speak to Mad Marina and I can't - Undercroft is permanently hostile [shoot on sight]



I got trapped in the Old City at level 6 and fought my way out to the Undercroft. On arrival there I was immediately attacked and had to kill a number of pirates on the way out inclusing the group guarding the Undercroft list in Delver's Row (who also attacked me on sight). SInce then I have gained a postive rep with both the Principe and the Delver's Row criminals however the pirates in the Undercroft still attack me on sight.


I have just completed the criminal boss, Darea's(?), quest and he has told me where to find Mad Marina now, and I need to speak to her about a couple of quests.


However I cannot get o her becasue of the hordes of hostile pirates. I experimented by dashing through htem all to find Marina but it turns out she is hostile too.


I urgently need some way to stop the Undercroft pirates from attacking me on sight.

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This also happened to me :-(  I *may* have killed more than a couple of them, and my reputation with Delver's Row Criminals is still -2 (even though I did finish the quest for Dereo - I mean, what is a few murders between friends??).  But the pirates are aggro to me.  Will that change if I can manage to get back to a positive reputation with the faction?  I can provide a save game if you tell me where I should upload it

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