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Can't finish it - Feedback

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This is not going to be a long post. I'll just preface it by saying I quite enjoyed the first game and especially The White March expansion.


I can't finish this one though. It's a meaty game and after 15h into it I can tell there's a lot more content to go through, but the way this content is presented in my opinion gives me a feeling that anything I do is just not very fleshed out.


We have many many tiny bits of content, a lot like fetch quests with dialogue. To explore the seas and islands playing mini games and killing bounties. The plot just never finds solid ground with even the more significant companion and side quests being very short and uninspiring. Nothing like the ones from the first game that didn't have to content with open world gimmicks and could afford much longer and more indepth story lines.


POE 2 feels a lot like leveling in an MMO game, where you quickly go through zones and complete objectives. In my 15+ hours I can barely remember any memorable moments or characters, things the first game was brimming with.


That's it pretty much. I work and I have limited free time and right now it feels like I'm forcing myself to play, instead of actually enjoying it.


Was it worth the money? I guess the initial few hours when the game was more linear were rather enjoyable. It is what it is!



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