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Found 1 result

  1. Pros: - Writing. (Includes: Companion writing, stories, NPC's etc.) Some people call the writing 'vague' and 'too much', but it's actually EXACTLY what I love. Very creative, immersive with a pinch of mystery to it. Anyone else who says it's written like a fanfiction (steam review), should seriously read some actual fanfiction. Because let's be honest, it's nothing like Obsidian's writing ; - way far from it. It's cringy to be sure (usually), but not because of it's mass use of creativity (something some disliked with deadfire), but because it's honestly badly written. Fanfictions, I mean. And well...usually....I should know. I read, and even wrote my share of them as a teenager. *pukes* - Graphics Think we can all agree on this??:D - Not bugged too much I only found 2 really kinda minor, far from game breaking bugs in my whole playthrough. - Music Amazing, as always! Though, I did notice some of it was from the previous game? Not that I actually mind this lol. - Gameplay A mass improvement over the first game! Though - easier. Something that can be fixed with turning on the difficulty! Twas' a great idea though, not everyone is kin on combat. Some really are just there for the story. - Advanced Player Setup And I really loved the abilities such as intimidate, arcane, survival etc....it really added flavour to my own character, as well as the companions! I made sure everything fitted them nicely. ^^ (May have forgot something....?) - Freedom Of exploration and of character setup as mentioned above! There's tons of that and I LOVE IT! - Non-cringy Romance Loved the feature, and even though my first one didn't go too well; I'll see how the one with Maia is on my next playthrough! (XDDD don't judge!) Honestly though, really glad this made it in! And super glad you added gay romance in! :D As a ....bisexual who prefers the company of other women, I appreciate it! (XDD) Nitpickings: - Ending (Not sliders) It wasn't a bad ending, but ...I didn't feel like I could do much to alter it? Not being able to fight *spoiler avoider* was a disappointment also....though, I can see why it is the way it is. If i'm 100% honest though? While Deadfire did almost everything better then in the first game...I prefer the first game's endings. - Ending (Sliders) I didn't like Xoti's romance ending too much..... :/ I don't think it's the fact that her and my character didn't stay together, it's just....not sure. Something was missing? - Ship combat Not my piece of cake. Did not enjoy and wished I could avoid it. :/ - Vela not interactive with player character Or so I've heard (one of the bugs I mentioned was that I did not get Vela at all, but people told me she only chats with companions so...). I've been really looking forward to interacting with my ..kinda child? But couldn't so....sad, I guess? :// - More 'evil' (cruel, aggressive) character would be great It's too light, and everyone's so nice I can't even dare to be myself! (XDDD) OVERALL: Now that I've thought about all of it, i'd give it 9.5. It made it into my top 10 video games list, perhaps even top 5 (or almost?), but it wasn't 100% what I was hyped about; - which is natural. TBH though, out of all the things I've been SUPER hyped up about 'recently' from biowere and from bethesda was an utter disappointment. Obsidian did not really dissapoint. It gives me hope for future RPGs. That's all. )
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