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    Had the same issue on PC.

    Start with attacking the hammer-wielding fella first.

    Cartman will say something like "see, told you".

    Continue the fight.


    There should be three fights in the opening, I think he's on the third, while the one you describe is the second - riposting/reflecting (it doesn't matter which order the elves are hit on the regular screen, the battles end up the same order every time)


    Initial one should include - take damage → using items → blocking and counter attack.


    Second one should be - riposting → attack riposted after Cartman says the guys just standing there so hit him → given bow → kill back elf w/bow → front elf switches from riposting to reflecting and is now vulnerable to physical attack or power attack.


    Since the poster said he's got the bow (introduced in the fight) he's on the third fight.  IIRC he's supposed to multiple hit attack the armored elf (upper character using the normal attack and the "X" button the rogue should get three hits),  then when multiple hits are landed and the character is killed, he's supposed to then hit the high defensive character with his Rogue's dagger's "hard" hit (the square button on the PS3).  Neither character should be in a reflecting/reposting stance IIRC.


    Assuming he's done that, and its not letting him go on I'm at a loss.  At a thought, I'm wondering if he used a "X" attack on the last attack of the third elf fight instead of a "square" and that's created the problem?



    @Amentep - It sounds like you understand my plight correctly.


    The interface is telling me the dagger can not be used against the second opponent with the 2-handed hammer in the third fight (after the initial attack where Cartman makes the "see, I told you" comment, and yet, that is the only item, weapon and attack I can choose... I'm unsure what else I could even try as it has ended in the same result replaying the whole sequence over ten times upon leaving the tent.

  2. Well the Princess Kenny theme(including Kenny's role) is clearly a twist to make fun of pretty much all the Japanese cartoons ever and all the males in them who always to be dressed as chicks. But the other song I'm not getting where that connects.

    SP's goal in general has always been to make fun of everything, regardless of it's nature or degree of taboo, in as funny a way as possible. However, while there may be an inferred jab intended by Princess Kenny regarding Japan's traditional theater played almost exclusively by all-male cast (until the modern era), I would point to Cartman's comment right at the beginning where he introduces Kenny to us ...swing swing! ... Kenny, Kenny, Kenny... *sigh* ...XD


    I just finished it yesterday. I liked it, even though I'm not a huge South Park fan:

    • Far and away the best voiceacting in any computer game I've ever played. This is the first computer game where I haven't switched on subtitles and clicked through to skip the dialog. I can't stand listening to bored actors trying to emote in front of a microphone. This was good, every bit as good as the TV series. Why can't they all be this good?
    • This kind of humor is hard to pull off without coming across as mean. This mostly succeeded. It only stumbled a bit with Mr. Slave IMO.
    • South Park catches something about what it's like to be a kid. These stories are pretty much just like what we told each other when we were in fourth grade.
    • Gameplay was good enough to get the job done. Not brilliant but serviceable. Very easy, but if they had made it harder it wouldn't have been any more entertaining IMO; it would just have been more work because I'd have had to play the boss fights by trial and error – on the first try throw everything at them to see what sticks, then die and use what you've discovered the second time around. I don't particularly care for that type of gameplay so I'm pretty cool with easy.
    • On the other hand, I found it a bit too easy to discover two simple strategies – one for group fights, one for boss fights – which steamrollered pretty much everything. From there on out the fights were mostly mechanical application rather than particularly interesting or creative.
    • The length was good. It ended before I got bored, but I didn't feel like I was left wanting more.
    • The quality was good. I only encountered one bug that forced me to roll back to a previous checkpoint, and that was about three minutes of gameplay. Very few smaller bugs as well.
    • I probably won't replay, at least not any time soon. Doesn't feel like there was a whole lot to discover. I might faff about a bit with one or two of the other classes though, just to see what they're like.


    Curious, which system did you play on?

  4. General Conditions:

    - Just installed, brand new out of the package for PS3.

    - Patch 1.1 applied from PSN at time of first loading (PS3 has the latest updates installed from PSN).

    - Followed link to apply game code for bonus content. Completed successfully.

    - Just started playing my very first character as a rogue.



    In the series of three battles against "Elves" after exiting tent in Cartman's back yard (right at the beginning as lvl 1), every time I get to the battle with the guy that is wielding the two-handed hammer and a shield guy, I defeat shield guy, but then I am unable to continue battle because it only allows me the option to use my dagger attack against two-handed hammer guy... which hammer-guy's stance will not allow.


    - I am unable to select any other combat type (other than the plain dagger attack)

    - After the one time it does allow me to attack him -- at which time I am notified that attack will not work on him -- I am no longer even able to attack the only guy standing there in the battle as he is greyed out and my dagger has the circle-slash symbol indicating unusable.

    - I even quit the game and returned to save point inside Cartman's tent just prior to the battle, but always have the same result in the third battle.

    - I also have the bow equipped -- as required in the second battle -- but it's use is not an available option for this fight, nor is my special backstab attack, nor is the use of any item...


    As far as I know, I am carrying ever single item available at this point in the game.


    So basically... I'm stuck and can't proceed past this point...


    Is this a known issue / bug?

    Is it avoidable some how?

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