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  1. We found that it was still possible to hit a particular dialogue path with Clyver that would let you pick up Winds of Steel even if you had Bronze Beneath the Lake or Changing of the Guard active/completed.


    In order for this to happen, you'd have to first ask Clyver about a second job (after finishing Built to Last), then decline to take it and get, instead, the second quest from either the Dozens or the Doemenels. After that, asking Clyver about the animancy hearing invite can bypass the checks against the other quests being already active in the journal.


    tl;dr version: Yes, it's possible in 1.04, but it requires a rather unusual set of actions for the issue to occur.




    This seems to focus on The Knights/Dozens conflict but it doesn't seem to help me with the Doermel's. I even went to kill the Dozens leaders to drop the quest and the father still won't give me his follow up quest. I can get the quest from Lady Webb but that's not how I want this storyline to go. I can continue to do other quests while a fix is being implemented at least so it's not a huge heartbreak for me yet.

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