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  1. The older games had this type of pausing, and it is even one of the selling points on this games "remember when" advert. Those old games didn't have "pause after each creature's turn" though they offered a dozen or so autopause options. It would be no harder than entering any other autopause trigger. I hope this is in there, and they let my choppy play just be my business. If you can autopause on crit and such, I would think this would be doable.

  2. I just bought rules compendium for basic DnD mostly for nostalgia, but I am slowly putting together a PBEM. I will change a few things, but am aiming to keep it at least 80% pure. PBEM just always dies though, so I want to streamline somethings as well. I am looking for a place to have an asynchronous room map hang out where I can modify the character locaitons easily. Everything I've found is a "let's all log in at the same time" sort of thing. I may be overthinking it and just need to find whatever the current version of Geocities and MSN communities is.

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