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  1. There was an issue reported that could result in cards being removed from your unclaimed tab.

    If you move a card from a stack (you have more than one copy) of cards in your unclaimed tab then the rest of that stack will be removed from your unclaimed tab.

    To avoid this, please refrain from moving a card from a stack from your unclaimed tab until the next patch.

  2. PC Version, Pathfinder Adventures, Obsidian Edition


    6-3 or 6-4 (whichever one where you're in the DeathZones scaling the mountain)


    Facing an Ogrekin, it did it's roll and got #4, which is "After you act, put the Ogrekin on the bottom of the location deck."


    I failed to beat it, it ended up on the bottom of the deck.


    I then later killed the Leng Spider, but failed on my close attempt.


    I can now no longer achieve a close attempt, as the final card is the Ogrekin and every time I face it, it still has the original "After you act, put the Ogrekin on the bottom of the location deck." effect in place, so after beating it twice with it being the only card left, I simply cannot defeat the adventure.


    There is no villain to defeat, I can only win this level by closing all the locations - and with 12 turns and one location left - I can't beat it because of the immortal Ogrekin.


    This is so broken it's sad.


    Edit: I also had my mage with Disintegrate attempt to kill it - which is supposed to defeat a monster "even if it would be otherwise undefeated" - and that didn't work either.

    This is indeed a bug. Thanks for reporting it!

  3. Hello!

    We have found an issue where if you give a character a nickname and then remove them from your party right after they could be flagged for deletion and then deleted next time the game saved.

    The fix for this is going out in the next patch however there is a workaround you can do:

    For the time being do not give out nicknames AFTER you have created a character. During character creation you can change their name. For now avoid giving existing characters nicknames.

    We apologize for any issues this has caused. If you have been affected by this please reach out to support@Obsidian.net!

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