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  1. Thanks, Aarik.  As I said earlier, in a couple of earlier playthroughs I did not have the bug; I was able to speak to the ogre and make peace.  The difference in this recent playthrough is that I installed and played some of the White March.  I wonder if that might be the issue?


    At any rate, I have restarted and am now doing a Path of the Dead playthrough.  I'm NOT going to go to the White March this time before I try the ogre cave.

  2. Great thread!  However, I just completed Endless Paths level 3 (Ogres) and got a Stalker's Torc on day 12 (not the Amulet of Health as listed above).  So, I'm going to reload, rest a day, and go for the Gloves of Manipulation.  So, the lists may be getting tweaked with every update to the game?


    Kind of silly to have to do this.  Why not just make all the minor treasures available for purchase in either Caed Nua or Defiance Bay?  The Gloves of Manipulation is a very handy item, but you have to be very lucky to get it.  I got in in my first brief run through the game, with a rogue who really didn't need it, but not since in several other tries with different character types who could use it.


    The vendors that you can get in Caed Nua have just generic junk.  Why not have them sell some decent stuff?

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  3. I have a save and and output log.  However, I don't know how to upload this via Dropbox.  I've never done that before...


    Here's a link to my folder in Dropbox that has the 2 files in it.  Does that do it?




    Here are the two files:





  4. In my current game, I created a Ranger main character.  At startup I chose Wounding Shot and was given Graceful Retreat for my animal companion (not for my character, though it appeared on his part of the character sheet) for free.


    However, upon leveling up, however, Graceful Retreat vanished.   I don't still have before and after saves, though.  Seems to be a glitch there.  I don't recall ever seeing it show up as a choice for my guy on level ups.


    I just "cheated" and replaced my lost Graceful Retreat with Wounding Shot, which I think should be given to all startup Rangers, anyways (for role playing purposes).


  5. I downloaded the latest beta patch this morning.  I entered the Cave in Dyrford Crossing.  Shortly after moving in there, the quest updated to say that I'd dealt with the Ogre and could return to Rumbald, though I had not done so yet!  Upon finding the ogre, I could not talk to him; he just says that "we have an understanding...."


    In a couple of earlier playthroughs, I was able to complete this quest and hire the ogre for Caed Nua, but not this time.  Also, upon returning to Rumbold, the only option is to tell him that I have the ogre's head, which he doesn't believe, so the quest cannot be finished unless I kill the ogre and get its head.


    I do have a save just prior to entering the cave.  Looks like entering the cave does a double update to the quest as if one had talked to the ogre but not offered to hire him.  So, I'll go back to the earlier save and skip the cave for now...



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