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  1. If I'm not mistaken everything that happened during KOTOR1 wasn't flew by everybody's head until they actually told you who Revan was. Until that point, everything they said about you pondering on the moral of the storie's was a bunch of nonsense. So what I'm saying that in KOTOR nothing just happens randomly, it's there for a reason. I don't believe they would just put a head almost identical to one you could pick in KOTOR1. If you pay attention it even has a vertical scar on one side of the face just like the old one. The only difference being that it has a longer beard.
  2. But anyway why would they put just a random one? I'm not buying that.
  3. Yea the guy with the goatee that you click on to get in to the website. And after you click on it the woman says " The force is strong in this one" or something like that.
  4. Yea that guy. What I mean is why would he be almost identical to one of the headsin KOTOR1? And how come they didn't put just a random face for KOTOR1 as well?
  5. Darth Nilhilis who is that and why would they put him on both sides of the force with your other party members?
  6. Who's the guy on the cover of the KOTOR2 website? He looks almost identical to one of the heads you could pick for your PC in KOTOR1. The only difference being that he has a longer beard. Does this mean that maybe that's the head you should have picked in Kotor1, and that's how Revan is going to look like no matter what? (w00t) Anyway I remember reading that you wouldn't have the option of having the hood up or down. But does anybody know whether or not you're going to be able to get robes that already has the hood up or down? :ph34r: Being that there's going to be different ones.
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