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  1. It's been awhile since I've played, but I seem to remember some rule of thumb being that when you become stuck in the woods, just keep heading down until you reach one of the exits. There should be more than the two ways out that you mentioned and I think there's even a scene that will eventually take place where the parents come into the woods and find you, telling you to get home, which then removes you from the area. 


    Found this on a wiki for the game:


    To get out of the Lost Forest without getting grounded, follow this path:DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN (GO SOUTH 4 times).

    If you want to get grounded (why would you?), go into the Lost Forest and don't move for a couple of minutes. Walk into any direction one more time and your parents will ground you for getting lost. You'll get sent back to South Park.

  2. I am about to preorder the PS3 Grand Wizard Edition, mostly due to the 6" Cartman figure that comes with it.


    However I just found that Kidrobot has released South Park Stick of Truth Collectors Pack with 5 main character's action figures. The specification shows that they are about 3" tall. So are these different stuff from the Grand Wizard Edition? If so , I'd definitely go for the Grand Wizard Edition.


    Please advise me, many thanks!


    It will indeed be taller than the retail version.


    I am an avid collector of Kidrobot vinyl figures AND South Park super-fan and as such have already picked up the Stick of Truth set. They all stand 3-4 inches tall. The version of Cartman that will be coming out with the GW edition of the game will be exclusive to that set (unless they decide to make him more widely available, but KR actually likes to keep their limited editions just that: limited), so what you will walk away will eventually become a very sought after item due to its limited availability.


    That said, if you have the funds, you may consider pre-ordering two of these. Whether you sell it back out as a set or separately, sit on Cartman (and don't open his box if he comes sealed separately) until you can sell him later to a collector for exponentially more than you purchased him for. 

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  3. I don't think Obsidian has any say on pre-order bonuses and such. Ubisoft decides all that stuff.

    I'm just planting seeds in everyone's gardens. If enough people start talking about this, something could happen.



    I have never heard of this kind of promotion. A bonus for the people who pre-ordered extra early. I suppose it is possible, but without a precedent the argument is hard to make.


    I mean there's sound reasoning there, loyalty rewards, but getting Ubisoft onboard might require pointing at a similar successful promotion that increased sales.

    They can set that precedent. South Park is still big nuts and it's not about promotion if it's for people who have already paid for the game. It's about a wink and a smile to those of us who haven't bailed on them thru the admitted bs.



    No. That will teach you not to pre-order. Because of that pre-order craze, publishers, and EA in particular, have been more and more dickish to their customers as time went by. So, anything that will stop it is good to take.


    More dickish to their customers how? Hell, I was happy just that they stopped charging for the online pass, sheesh. 

  4. I've had this game pre-ordered for over a year now. I've definitely found myself in some situations where asking for my $60 dollars back would have been a wise move, but F that dude; I want my South Park. I think it would be an excellent move (by them) to get with the game retailers and offer some sort of token of appreciation to the folks who have been painstakingly patient for the release of what is sure to be one of the more epic ventures the South Park crew has ever embarked upon. 


    What I mean is... I want some sweeter stuff than the guy who waits to pre-order his copy til the week or month before the game drops. Advance release, South Park swag, code for DLC season pass... SOMEthing!


    You guys! I'm seriously!

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