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  1. @ Zarkhes


    Nobody is complaining about performance here. But beefing minimum requirements after having taken pre-orders for a game isn't the smartest move. Makes a lot of people nervous. I wouldn't like buying a game on a expected requirement just to see that get changed after I paid with the possibility that I couldn't run it.


    Let's call it a matter of principle.


    I still can't get my head around why Obsidian has choosen to state minimum requirements way above actual needed HW... but then again; I'm not smart.  

  2. Thx to Darren for answering this thread.


    As I stated; I can't check this myself as I have above recommended settings. But I think that you guys at Obsidian should be cautious with selling games before release and then change minimum spec's. I sincerely hope this hasn't affected anybody (I get 170+ FPS and had to enable VSync for keeping my fans quiet) and it's something you'll take into account on further pre-releases.


    Most of us live online and can make a fuzz about nothing :-


    I haven't read any thread stating that a pre-release buyer couldn't run the game. But be careful with such practice. It could end up being the biggest refund-scandal on Steam if you're not totally sure (and why the heck state minimum requirements above their actual level?!?). 


    Rant out.. thx again for answering Darren. 

  3. GOG has always been late on patches in comparison to Steam. Hopefully that will change when GOG releases their Galaxy platform. That should give them the same possibilities as Steam (although Valve's numbers of staff might still be an advantage since they still need to verify and test patches not causing any problems on stuff like overlay). 


    Give GOG half a year and Galaxy should be ready for release. Then you'll probably see patches roll out faster on GOG. 

  4. For the OP: Write to Obsidian Support instead of here?


    @ Physicalist > If you think GG was an anti-SJW movement you should do your research. It was hijacked and perveted but GG was all about transparency in game journalism. Not some misogynist agenda. 


    It was for the peeps crying their eyes out seeing Keighly promoting a game along side a mountain of product-placement. The notion that "game-journalists" was in bed with developers and had no problems giving them glowing reviews. Without disclosing their personal interest in making a review without disclosing that stuff. 


    The GG-wannabees and the feminist outroar against those are for suckers. Read some stuff and make up your own mind instead of throwing random stuff out there. 

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  5. First off I'd like to apologize for using foul language. I got mad! 


    But Obsidian needs to address this issue pronto. Some people preordered this game after having checked the minimum requirements. Now there might be a chance that their computers can't run the game. I can't speak for the legality of such practice but it isn't acceptable in my book to do a "bait-and-switch" like that. 


    This is a serious issue and I hope Obsidian will address this or it could potientially damage their reputation among the gaming community. That's my two cents.

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    I barely ever use Steam, so here's a noob question: Once I set it to Offline mode, I no longer have to connect online to play it, right? Llike it doesn't connect, then go offline, then play?

    Yes, you will be able to play. In theory you could find game in your steam directory and create a direct shortcut to the exe file to start the game without running Steam.


    I'm pretty sure this isn't the case. There's a reason it's called DRM. 

  7. You can play the game on Steam in offline mode if there's problems with your ISP. I choose the Steam version because I use that platform a lot and it's handy for getting quick feedback and such with the forums there. GOG has their "Steam-like" platform in beta called Galaxy so they will probably offer the same form of platform like Steam before too long. 

    If I were you I'd choose the one I'd be most likely to use in the future (ie if you only one game on Steam it seems kind of a waste of time to load up the platform each time to play it and you might as well choose the GOG key and attach that to GOG Galaxy when that releases). 


    Just my two cents. 

  8. Ok. You buy a car. Upon delivery it can't run because they choose to tweak it after you purchased it and you're supposed to accept that? 

    Why not just say; Sorry it wasn't actually a game at all but a animated video? 

    You think it's fair to lure customers in that way? 

    Edit: I got no problem personally with the requirements but I sure find it hard to accept other people being treated that way. 

  9. It's probably unrealistic, but, I hope it's a spiritual successor to Alpha Protocol. I wonder if that could work well in the Pillars of Eternity engine.

    Seeing what Zero Point Software has done with the Unity engine on their Interstellar Marines (still in EA) makes me think that wouldn't be a problem.

  10. :lol: well the headline was "lacking an off topic subforum right?!?" 


    Just kidding anyways (not really. Give your income to Brandon!) 


    Oh my bad... will leave some beers for Josh in the future before making more dumb statements! 


    Kill me sober Dwarfs! 

  11. Kickstarter for Adam Brennecke and Brandon Adler!
    Let's give these two guys tens of millions so they can become CEO's of Obsidian at equal terms with the other guys. They are so 'effin talented. 

    Somebody do this, pls! I'll drop 20 bucks! 

    ( and George Ziets maybe?) 

    And another Kickstarter for Josh to get drunk for the first time! Let's buy that guy some booze! (how can that guy have a fetish for german language without enjoying beer is beyond me. I agree that Guiness taste bad though but there are better stuff out there Josh!).
  12. If they come across a spell in an enemy's grimoire, they can choose to learn that spell for the cost (in copper pieces) required to research it.


    I hope this will be done in a sort of "realistic" way where you have to visit a great mage or something to actually pay for the research being done. Nothing would be more disappointing than sitting in the wilderness with my mage and learn a new spell and watch a certain amount of copper pieces vanish into thin air as a sort of payment for learning a spell.
    Nice update btw. I can't wait to learn about more spells and potential combo's. I wonder if there will be temporary drain for using magic. It could be something like lowering your stamina for a short time after casting a spell or when a druid returns to normal form again (I remember seeing stamina on that character sheet picture). 
    Keep up the good work! Cheers
  13. ^ Josh has, on multiple occasions, expressed his far-above-average emphasis on pre-production planning and logistics, before actual production of game systems and components takes place. I have a feeling that, however much time Josh and Co. have spent on this for PoE, it was far more than any of the other Kickstarter titles spent. Thus, it seems to have had, and will continue to have, relatively fewer snags.


    I don't know wheter you could say they spent more time than any other developer. What's reassuring about this team is their huge experience with these sort of games. I also think that a decent company like Obsidian would like to see any game with their name on being a decent experience for their customers. I do agree with your point on the pre-production phase. 

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