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  1. Nah, I lowered the resolution to the most basic settings ever and it still failed to run. I even redownloaded the whole game to install again (the fortune of a fast internet) but still the same problem. I ended up installing it via Bootcamp onto Windows and now it runs beautifully. This is definitely an issue they need to resolve though. Seems like a lot of other folks having a mix of similar issues over on this thread: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71805-osx-graphics-problem


    I should stress that my own issue had nothing to do with secondary monitors and displays though...

  2. Hi,


    I'm on Mac OSX. Character creation is smooth as a whistle, then I click Done/ Accept and it takes me to a black screen with only ambient noise, music and the hand cursor. I've tried in a different resolution and in windowed mode, no cigar. I'm going to keep trying to disable graphics options, as I assume it is related, but this is deeply frustrating - if someone has a solution I'd be very grateful!

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