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    I think it would be fun to play a grumpy, ignorant, socially incompetent "hero" who would utterly fail at adventuring if it weren't for the loyal, diplomatically skilled NPC friend at his side who possesses the wisdom to step up and handle those tasks for the party.

    But I never tried, because games that have the concept of a single PC tend to rail-road them into the "born leader" stereotype.


    When necessary for story purposes, letting important NPCs bypass the party's speaker and address the PC directly is fine imo. But that doesn't mean the PC should have to handle all the day-to-day diplomacy (and other non-combat skill checks) as well.


      ^ This would be a really good mechanic.

    This leads me to...

    I'd really like to be able to distribute some roles in my party as: speaker, collector, first in stealth (someone who has the reflexes to NOT trip into traps) They could be really helpful if the whole party is selected.

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    • Mind Wave - The cipher violently intrudes into an enemy's mind, Stunning the target (attacks Psyche) and generating a cone of concussive force behind him or her that can knock down anyone in its path (attacks Fortitude).
    • Psychovampiric Shield - The cipher drains Intellect from enemies and uses it to temporarily increase his or her Deflection. The increase in the cipher's Deflection is dependent on how much Intellect he or she successfully drains from victims (attacks Psyche).


    This looks like a soul tick to me :dancing: --> mindwaving/stunning an opponent, shielding oneself, sticking to them.


    From what I have read a cipher can be a very defensive fighter who is centered on a 1 on 1 fight. Ciphers could be devastating against monks (no real damage for their abilities) and would gain a lot if they would have ways to regenerate or suck stamina and health.


    I'd like to play one.

  3. I have the feeling the story of P:E resembles somehow a parralel world in which a high civilised african "Columbus" has discovered a lesser technical advanced slavic/celtic/roman europe. Something in that way with soul magic.



    distant cultural connections in the game? Stories, items, npc's and such?

    mostly celtic/slavic/germanic until now. But we nearly know only the monster's names, the similarity of languages/words.

  4. I'd really like to be able to cast an "orb of shadows" to take out a single foe. The idea is to clad an area in shadows, giving me time to position my entire group around him. The foe will either be alerted and flee or keep standing still on his spot dazzled. Then my men and women will strike unseen and unheard. If he survives it, the foe will want to fllee again but maybe he keeps engaged. If he can flee the illusion will break which exposes my entire group.


    I could also just pickpocket him to get the stuff I want...

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  5. Pickpocketing Level < Alert Level ---> chance of getting caught + incease of AL after trying rises.

    PL<<<AL ---> chance of getting slapped/ knocked own rises. You wont get nothing from this trial than trouble.

    PL>>>AL ---> chance of getting heavier or hidden (worn /in stack) belongings rises, chance of not getting noticed at all rises..

    PL>AL ---> you get more time to run away, still the AL rises for some time (maybe days).


    everything else is up to your speechcraft or your cold steel...

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  6. I really hope the Reviving Exhortation is worth its later use... I mean its ( in other RPGS) in most of all situations a better choice to revive characters earlier than later --> fighting value is longer at the important situations (mid-combat) of use. What use does it have to restore a character at the end of combat if everything is nearly over?


    - it would be good if the characters were given additional damage/ stamina points if they were longer in 0 stamina-state.


    - maybe they can ignore engagement zones for a while if they were longer out. The enemies might forget a threat over the time...


    - faking death with rouges should use the same effect without a real stamina crash.


    --> which leads to some tactical possibilities you wouldn't have if you revived a character who just fell.

    ( But please let them stay down for a reasonable minimum of time. I dont want to fight with or against tumblers.)

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  7. Druids should get their bonuses everywhere besides foreign planescapes or bewitched/unholy ground. I like the thought of Druids b(e)eing controllers of all surroundings that bear the essence of life. This includes raising barrages of wood/stone, stalagtite-rain, spikes and thorns, walking on/splitting water.


    In comparison a necromancer would get huge bonuses in graveyards/mausoleums or places where death is deep woven into: Ther you'd gain the ability to raise bone-barrages and other Dead stuff (I like Diablo 2 for its view on necromancy) and bonuses on the quantity of raised dead things. But: Are necromancers even announced yet?


    Would be fun to have the possibility for Druids to either have life or death as power source... Both are one side of the coin called equilibrium :D

  8. What about the ancient equivalent of a underground city meant to house an ancient king and his retinue? Like the first chinese emperor he was interred with his terracota soldiers and when the time came he would rise again to rule the world. The city would be filled with traps and the engineers that built it were buried with him to ensure that their knowledge would not be passed on to grave-robbers. That city would perhaps house a monument to the king like a giant statue of his likeness; (see 15 level dungeon pic) this statue perhaps would be the intended vessel for his spirit when he returns from the land of the dead. But some of his servants rebelled on him and issued instructions to chain the statue-likeness so that he could not rise. However the chains have weakened and you have been sent to stop him.


    Sounds like Kresselack in IWD 1.


    I would really like to see many factions of dungeon keepers having war against each other constantly (No exp for killing is quite awesome in the context of respawning enemies ^^). If enemies like Kresselack in IWD1 and the priests of Auril in IWD2 would be fighting all the time in some area with maybe 3 dungeons (2 HQ and at least 1 place both want to conquer besides extinguishing the enemy would be great) it would perfectly hit my intent.


    I didn't like the fight between the druegar and the monks in IWD2 because it was too linear in which way you encountered them. i would like to see the war first and then seek out for one of their HQs.



    what about and underworld like in might and magic several lvls to like underneath the world map is  a huge complex cave system with multiple entrances to the first levels of it.


    Many layers of vast dungeons upon each other and linked in many spots might be difficult and costly to design, but for a battlegrund this would be soo goood...

  9. Then why dont you start a thread with your thoughts to a proper fraction system? In here it could go under...


    By the way: Interesteng characters can lead to interesting relationships (unless you don't slay them on first sight). I dont think these things exclude each other.


    But if you want romance waaaay down the priority ranking in a RPG I have to disagree.


    For me its more like:


    1. Interesting characters

    2. Interesting relationships

    3. Interesting friendship/ romance (deeper close relationship concepts)

    3. Interesting fractions (deeper society relationship concepts)


    Just imagine Gothic 1 without Diego, Gorn and the others. You need key persons to fractions so you need interesting characters and relationships first. But its just better, if they are not only key persons but can establish a closer relationship!


    4. having family...


    ...If it still fits in the context of the game world with you as an adventurer. I like the concept of the "fun" wife in FO: NV because it merges with the concept of the game world. For me it sounds nice to have "family" under the circumstances of a foreign world, but it should have written "this kind of family is quite impossible to realize in your world" all over it! Nonetheless it should still give the feeling of family.

    ...If your PC is able to survive the game. He could maybe retire from his adventurous deeds and found a  more "normal" family or return to his family which he had to abandon in order to fulfill his selfcentered heroic urges.


    4. Invest in the ecosystem. Lumber Dyrwood. Get the richest man/ woman in the new world!





    n+1. Well implied exchange of body fluids. But only if someone really wants to found that.

    n+1. Unlock a video which shows your PC counting lots of money... if you hit the score of 1.000.000 GM!

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  10. Please just also implement all the bad stuff which comes with relationships: Heartbreaks, party arguing about your/ another members behaviour-->dysfunctionality, open hate between party members, a "****" which doesn't get accepted by anyone in the group, members running away and other relationship stress symptoms.


    Irony besides, I would really want one or two possibilities of this approach in the game... It would be nice to have something compareable to romances for an evil character...

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  11. What use does high strenght have if the character with it cant lay a hit on his foes or dies from a single blow? I think that the attributes will be not only dependent on each other but also have limits in how high you can raise them. So you won't neither have a jack of all trades (equal attributes will be boring/ don't give the edge), nor get THAT highly specialized through the attributes only.


    In such a context attributes like power, focus or discipline won't be all that bad as some of you say.

  12. In my opinion crafting (smithing) can be a lot of fun if you can deconstruct and construct things permanently again and again. Why not use the hilt of the epic whatsoever sword for my own creation? If this part is available like in BG II why not use it in a new weapon before you get the set full (-->BONUS!). It's still just a part of a poweful artifact that lies around next to your other smithing stuff...



    - For this purpose every deconstructable thing can be diverted into 3-5 parts (weapon/armorspecific).

    - Each of these parts can be enchanted (the better the enchanter, the more kind of parts can be enhanced).

    - Certain epic artifacts can NOT be deconstructed due to their entity. Some which can be found in Parts and are reconstructed may although remember that they can function alone.

    - Do YOU dare to deconstruct a cursed item??? Maybe...

    (- total loss of durability could lead to self-deconstruction! - for those who like breaking weapons)


    What we would get:

    Many (maybe too much) possibilities

    If constructing/deconstructing items IS possible and there IS a fee to do so I would loose a lot (enough) my gold to check these possibilities each time I get a new option (new enchantment/ epic part/ new kind of hilt or blade)

    I dont think I need a money sink like repairing. But only because REPAIRING IS NOT CREATIVE AT ALL.


    I nearly forgot one more idea:

    If you can construct a weapon out of selfmade (or looted/through deconstruction gained) parts there should for example be many kinds of blades you can forge: long, thin, broad, curved...


    THIS would be customization (old fav of mine). There should only be some way to get there through 3D model flexibility. There does not need to be a proper- hand drawn picture for each combination.


    I somehow think back to the medicine-ball flail now...


    I dont like the thought that my adventurers have to hone some skills like crafting /cooking. This stuff should either be done by professionals or be available in a seperate softskills-tree with own points to spend.

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  13. @ Lephys: signed!


    But some gamers seem to think simplicity is the best way to the playflow - although it also can be done with complexity and depth - to me the coherency is most important.



    I understand you put a lot of thought into your stat system, but please let's not limit the discussion to your defense of this system.


    Thanks for acknowledging the effort. I just don't want to defend, but explain it. (Which system exactly do you mean :biggrin:?) 

  14. It would also be cool if some of the merchants don't really know what they are selling. There should be a possibility to run over a legendary sword in a random middle- or lower-class shop or smithy. With a little story tagged to it.


    If your characters see it (with random shape: only a high perceptive mage or cipher should be able to see it)

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