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  1. So many options I wanted to pick for this poll. All of the following I really enjoyed:


    - Backgrounds/Races (lots of choices and has effects depending on your choice)

    - Skills Advancing (training and levelup)

    - Dialogue (tons of options)

    - All the stuff outside the main storyline you can do

    - Character Customization (tons of options and you can virtually train and learn whatever you like)

  2. This sounds exactly like what Neverwinter Nights could do, though restricted more to the campaign if I understand correctly (ex. not the multiplayer worlds bit)?


    If that is the case, it would be awesome, but I doubt it will happen. The amount of work to create such a thing would be immense and I think their time can be better spent perfecting the campaign, story, and rest.


    Likely a dream, but yeah...it would rock definitely.


    *edit* Whoops, thought this was in the project eternity section. Sorry, my mistake!

  3. --what type of romance plot do you enjoy (tragic, happy ending, marriage/family)?

    --are there particular game mechanics that you like to see when romances are included (complex questlines, cutscenes?)?

    --what romances or relationship plots from other games did you enjoy that can serve as examples?

    --What, even, is romance?


    Good questions!


    As for the types mentioned, I enjoy all of them. A game with a well told romance story can be incredibly enjoyable, whether it turns out to be a happy ending or a tragic one. Personally, the only thing I would really like to see is something to show for your choice at the end. If your character goes out of their way to romance and marry a character, that shouldn't just be tossed out the window come the closing of the curtains.


    As for game mechanics, there definitely should be dialogue and some quests I think. Cut scenes are enjoyable, but the work required to make them might not be worth it (rendering a custom made character and the other, especially if there are multiple NPCs to romance). As mentioned above, something added into the game ending I think to show your choice (whether to romance or not) should have some impact.


    As for ones I've enjoyed, the ones that come immediately to mind are Bastilla from KotOR and Raven from Arcanum. The later especially I believe a good example since the ending does give mention to what happens to the both of you (even if a bit generic). Likely others as well, but they are currently slipping my mind.


    The last question is quite subjective based on who you ask and I would require some time and much more sleep then I have currently to answer it completely. ;)

  4. Personally I'd rather see them as adversaries and believe they should be far from common (unless the setting already says otherwise in which case ignore this). They lose a lot of their intimidation if everyone you meet is either wearing them or is one (or related to them). The older fashioned games where you see a dragon and soil yourself I would love to see replicated again.

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