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  1. I beat the Adra dragon on hard without any cheese but with pure strategy (and possibly dumb luck). My main character is a paladin. My team is kana, durance, eder, the mage elf i forgot his name, and padellina (the paladin bird person). I had everyone eat something that gave them constitution and gave everyone just one potion. everyone was level 12. I had the scalebreaker talent. I first sent my mage to confuse the dragon, which worked and he began to attack the adragans. I immediately made my team run straight towards the lizard folk and casted confuse on them too to prevent engagements, of which i ran past them into the treasure room. From there i summoned a drake and pulled the lizard folk and murdered them as fast as possible. In my case, two adragans came with them and i took them out fast. The dragon was closing in so i immediately summoned another drake and casted confuse on the dragon. I kept the drake near the dragon and ran back into the wide open area and finished off any adragan that was still there while my drake kept the dragon occupied. From there i healed everyone, and used an AOE spell of any sort just to loook for the dragon while on pause. This works because even in the fog of war the dragons circle will appear once the target area is over the dragon, giving me his location. From there, i summoned a drake and sent the drake and eder alone to the dragon to get aggro. Then, i sent my char and the other paladin to the SIDE of the dragon, not the back, and proceeded to fight him. My priest, chanter, and mage stayed far back to the side to avoid the AOE breath. The dragon threw a monkey wrench to my plan by switching his target to my paladin so my paladin had to tank, supprisingly worked well. I kept the pallies healed while using spells to whittle down his mental resistance. I began using Prone from the priest to prone the dragon, which works almost always, and putting him to sleeep wit hthe mage. Gaze of the adragaon never freaking worked so i gave up on that. I kept putting him to sleep, prone, and any other status spell i had. All of that worked and i killed the dragon.

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