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  1. I haven't posted anything here since the early days following the kickstarter campaign so I'll just say one thing now and reiterate what many others have already said: thank you Obsidian for creating this game and successfully reviving a style of CRPG once thought dead and buried, ostensibly usurped by the "console generation". Also thank you to all the other backers who helped make it possible and sent the message that there is still a viable market for computer games like this.


    I'm fully enjoying playing it and expect to still be trying to complete it over the coming months while exploring every nook and cranny. And I'll treasure the signed Collector's Edition boxset too!

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  2. I did not like how in Skyrim you can't walk 15 ft without falling into a Nord ruin. As beautiful as that game was, it frankly could have benefited from less content.


    This is basically because the Elder Scrolls game design is fundamentally flawed (as much as I enjoy playing them). There is only one spatial scale, which means that an entire region of the world (e.g. Skyrim) must be contained to fit within the equivalent area of a city suburb in the real world. Because of this, the time scale must be exaggerated to compensate which is why an entire day flies by in the space of a half hour or so.


    Games like Fallout and BG have the benefit of having both a world scale where time is scaled accordingly and a tactical scale where time flows in real-time. World-scale content can be sparse while the tactical scale is where the content can be denser. The game designers have the luxury of deciding which are the more interesting areas in the world and creating content to fit the areas. Less interesting areas in the world are typically unreachable and beyond the scope of the game design. This design was more than likely a result of its D&D roots.


    The feeling of exploration in Skyrim and other TES games can be maintained on the world scale by showing features (mountains, towers, etc) on the map as the party travels across it, acting as a sort of magnet for the player in the same way.

  3. I've always found it funny in RPGs how any plate armour will have molded breasts and slim waist only if equipped on a female PC. I don't know if armour was ever traditionally designed differently for male and female body shapes but it could be interesting to have armour for both gender types in the game. Nothing would prevent a PC from wearing either type but it could result in negative modifiers if wearing armour designed for the opposite gender.

  4. Hi Guys,


    I just realized that I forgot to add 20 bucks for shipping to my $140 pledge (I added 20 bucks but I meant it for expansion) :(


    Is it possibile to change my KS pleadge after I reacived e-mail from Amazon that my payment was completed?



    I found this on the PE FAQ page:

    Don't worry if you missed paying for international shipping - we'll handle this later through our website. At that point you will be able to pay for shipping or any other related charges.

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