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  1. This might not fall into the initial purview of this topic, but what are people's thoughts on the true mortality of non-hostile NPCs? I know there was a post floating around, about the ability of plot NPCs and all, but I mean, does anyone else think a homocidal NPC - or perhaps a diehard roleplayer who finds some crime against their god/race - can basically kill off a town? I could easily see a small town that employs slave labor in their local mine ticking off my paladin enough to have him first try to convince everyone to start paying them wages or something, and then if they're being mistreated or something going conan on the townspeople (clearly a paladin of crom). I don't think it should be by any means easy, but theorhetically possible, with great costs.


    What if slavery is legal? What if the slaves are fulfilling penance for crimes they committed against Crom? So many moral dilemmas. :devil:


    On another note, your post reminded me of the times I assaulted Beregost in Baldur's Gate with my cleric and his army of undead. It was always fun to see how many mage battlegroups I could destroy before they killed me off.

  2. I will take some mead.


    I'll second that request for mead...Dusk has been tormenting my thoughts of it for the past two nights in chat...



    Hmmm. I think I'll have to brew up a batch of Eternity Mead to crack open when the game is released (It takes at least a year for the stuff to taste good). I'll have to hide it from my wife though, she has an insatiable thirst for that stuff! She cleared out our 2 year old mead before I figured out she found it hiding in the closet. :wowey:

  3. When I ran AD&D games, I used both methods of handing out XP. I rewarded XP for completing quests and for killing monsters (as well as bonus XP for good role playing, etc.). Similar to NWN2 I gave less XP for lower level monsters.


    I think a good system that wasn't viable for pen and paper would be a sliding scale. Each monster has its own abilities and methods of fighting. Each monster type is given a base XP amount. For each monster of that type killed, the XP is reduced some to reflect the "sameness" of the fight/encounter. Doing the same thing over and over will net less and less experience over time. So say you killed an orc and got 10 XP, then after say 10 orcs, now orcs are worth 9xp for that character. This could be mixed with a level based comparison to reduce the XP gained from killing things that are too weak to be a learning experience for the character. My example is obviously just an example that would need to be tweaked to balance the game, but I think the general idea of the system would be a good compromise, and be more realistic as an experience based system.

  4. Hi, guys. I'm new to the order. :yes: About the title - I really like spellcasters. So something like Archmage of the Obsidian Order or maybe Sorcerer Supreme of the Obsidian Order. :D


    I think Archmage is available, but my list is from the last update 2 days ago (I only collect the official update lists into my database).


    Hello, I upped my pledge, any available title would be nice, link to kickstarter profile http://www.kickstart...file/1349587068


    You must choose your title. We already have a Vacillator. :grin:

  5. We always used alignments as a starting point for characters in D&D, but they were fluid depending on players actions. Generally the only penalties for changing alignment were due to falling out of favor with your deity or not being able to use an item that had alignment based restrictions. Factions definitely had a bigger effect in our old Pen and Paper games.


    If I up by $8,- first for this, then $12,- to raise for the expansion, it's perfectly within the requirements to join here, and the $20 to get the expansion.

    So, yeah, I think OE is making itself a wee bit to difficult to keep an eye on these things on whats pledged for what...

    I'll have to think about what I do. Still 4 days anyway :).



    No, that would be dishonest to yourself and the Order. The point is to raise additional money on top of the reward pledge levels, not find ways to get more stuff for less money.

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