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  1. Yes but still having it is good.


    Why so prudish aboust such a basic thing? It'd be like not having blood.


    It doesn't bother me, the issue I'm bringing up is a legal one - it depends on the country of course, but it may be easier just to sidestep it altogether. If I recall correctly Fallout 1 and 2 had this problem with the inclusion of children in the game world. Fan patches did uncensor the regional versions with censored children though.

  2. I think romances can work as long as they fit in with the charcter and story.


    Just becasue Bioware made them terribly doesn't mean the whole concept is shot.


    MCA said the romances in Alpha Protocol weren't included by choice and that four of them were a "pain in the posterior" to write. By all means, if they can be integrated well, go for it. For me that's a secondary item compared to combat mechanics and quest design.

  3. I'd like to see the PC get shot down in attempts to start a relationship. IMO in most (if not all) games with romance options, the PC gets whatever the PC wants with the NPC.

    like when mira shoots you down in kotor 2 for being too old


    She also mentions the other women fighting over the Exile (and not wanting to get involved in said fighting with Handmaiden\Visas). Besides, the K2 ones seemed almost shoehorned in (as though LucasArts requested it or something).


    I think Planescape Torment handled it well, maybe a little more dialogue from Fall-from-Grace would have been good but I'm not concerned about romances anyway. I wouldn't want to see the game compromised for the sake of including them.

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