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  1. I've just joined the community here specifically in regard to this issue.


    I've only played the demo but was completely flummoxed with the design decision to have such an incredibly limited view of the game field. For a start, there are events happening on the edges of the view, e.g. right at the start a wall collapses, which are being animated (you can just about make that out), yet can't actually be seen. Why on earth would Obsidian put in resources that then are impossible to see? That strikes me as either a **** up or a late decision was made to restrict the view further than originally planned, perhaps to standardise performance across the platforms? However, whatever the impetus, the result is very annoying (to me anyhow) and it has stopped me buying the game.


    In general, playing the demo, I very much liked the style and could see it being a potentially enjoyable game but the limited camera actually makes the whole experience frustrating. Someone also said earlier about top down being good for strategy but it's a minuscule range within that top-down view: the idea of controlling a party who can only see ten yards around them them is not strategic anyway, strategy as a concept implies forward planning and if you can't see "forward" then you can't plan.


    I hoped there might be a hack, mod or workaround mentioned in here, hence I came looking, but if the game's camera is stuck like it is presently, I definitely will not purchase the game.

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