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  1. I imagine the party members actions will be something along the lines of BG/BG2. Your party members in those games would up and leave if they disagreed with your actions, insult each other, offer differing views on what to do according to their alignment, and even kill each other off.


    As I recall, this was based on a system of reputation. Doing good and heroic deeds made the general populace regard you with respect, with the advantage of lowering the cost of equipment etc. On the other hand, being villanous caused you to be despised with the opposite effect on the people. If your rep fell too far, paladins would leave you or refuse to join, too high and evil NPCs would leave or refuse to join. Sound familiar?

  2. Which is superior: Revan's ability to stand up to hordes of blaster hits and instantly heal his wounds with a pile of medpacs, or Luke's ability to simply have 99% of all blaster shots aimed at him miss him by a mile?


    That power of Luke's is nothing to do with the force. I'm sure I've seen Arnie, Jean Claude Van Dame and Bruce Willis use the same power ;)


    Unless they are all force sensitive too. Which might explain how Arnie became Govenor of California.......


    OMG! He's a Sith Lord!!!

  3. I think you're being a bit harsh on Bioware for not revealing how Malak lost his jaw. I saw Star Wars in 1977 and will only find out the reason that Darth Vader is more machine than man in May 2005.


    Now, I'm sure that there is a book or comic somewhere that already explains that and thats fair enough but it isn't explained in the movies until next year.


    On that note, perhaps someone will write a book or comic that explains the loss of Malak's jaw.


    For all I know there may already be one.

  4. Sorry, but BG2 had a "set hard cap".


    Also, it's been stated numerous times by both the devs and the many many previews that you aren't Revan. It might be a good idea to read up on that.


    It did? Hmm, I was pretty sure that it didn't. I don't mean that any level was acheivible but rather that there was no predetermined level where you would be unable to make use of an xp gain.


    Out of interest, what was the hard cap as I mustn't have hit it.


    As for Revan, I assume you are referring to some elses post as I have never intimated that Revan was a playable character in KOTOR2.



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