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  1. The PS4 port of this game is unplayable. 40 hours into the game after fighting the constant crashes, the bugged pathing on certain maps that mean my party run away from engagement, the awful UI that overlaps and makes things impossible to read, I have now encountered a party management bug that has totally broken the game. I have 8 companions following me and the 3 extra companions (eder, aloth and serafen) are now unavailable to me, they don't show up in my party when I add them and the game has grinded down to a few FPS.

    I began wring this to hopefully shed some light on a bug to be fixed but its been 4 YEARS since release so there clearly isn't any point. This game must be finished, right? Your happy with your product? If this is the state you leave your games in then I will never purchase another. 

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