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  1.  Hello to all. First of all i must say i grow up with your games  like Neverwinter Nights 2 and i have a grate respect for your work.

      Now i come and ask you why did u make this game The Outer worlds so blurry so foggy so horrible to watch,  your game make me sick all most vomit after 1h of play the blur  and the coolers simulate a Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a disease that can affect the retina, causing vision to become blurry. According to the National Eye Institute , AMD is more common in older adults, and it can occur in one or both eyes.

     Why did u do that ?

    Who thinks  this is art ?

    And why u did not fix it after so many complains, ?  if u google outer world all u found is how to remove blur how to fix blur. 

    How about you open that Unreal engine and fix this problem  there are allot of people who cannot  play your game and pls stop adding blurs  and all that camera  effects,  we as player think we are the character we do not think we watch our character with a moving camera, and if u still think Age-related macular degeneration   is art give us the option to disable your  art aye disease


     Thank you for your time

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