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  1. On 1/4/2021 at 3:00 PM, Boeroer said:

    If they didn't successfully pitch Avowed to Microsoft how could they develop it now? They are owned by Microsoft.

    Obsidian pitched a FPS open world game to Microsoft many years ago and its cancelation was the reason many in the studio had to be let go when the game prototype failed.

    Things are obviously different with the aquistion, though.

  2. Obsidian has largely abandoned the ports. My issue is if you're not going to do them properly or hire someone to do them properly or sell them ethically (by this, I mean, taking pre-orders to trick people into buying broken ports like the Switch Pillars game), they should not do them. There is no reason to keep at this practice except to make a temporary cash gain while eroding people's trust.

    The Outer Worlds switch port, for example, was nowhere near the level of the Witcher 3 port, but the difference is in the level of commitment to getting it right.

  3. On 1/5/2021 at 11:54 PM, Ace of Spades said:

    No I think he is on to something. Avowed is not a proper successor. Its just set in the same world but the story is completely independent from POE. Why would Josh stated that POE 3 would happen only if they are excited for it??? Obsidian wont just gonna abandon the game that basically saved them from bankruptcy. I am pretty convinced that they will finish up the trilogy in the future

    Avowed does not seem to be POE3, and while POE2 was a successful Figstarter, it did not sell well so painting a new look on the franchise (3rd person/1st person) to try to attract new buyers makes production sense.

    I do think it's telling and makes me very skeptical about Avowed is Sawyer unwillingness to be involved (burnout is understandable, but it's weird to put distance between a world you basically created) and the project director is someone who wasn't even involved in the Pillars games at Obsidian.

  4. It's this incident (this isn't the link I'd prefer to share):


    Speaking hypothetically as post-Obsidian producer, the CEO at Obsidian hired this person because he was a friend (nepotism and Obsidian are the same thing), and the CEO absolutely knew what happened and so did Paradox.

    I imagine they went silent and covered it up because of the damage it could cause both companies, and because the marketing event was done by both companies. Both share the blame.

  5. On 9/17/2020 at 4:54 AM, Adridactelo said:

    Two new hires:

    Chad Elliott comes back as Art Outsource Manager - Animation. Previusly worked as Technical Animator at Turtle Rock.

    Christopher Daugherty as Associate Technical Artist. Worked on Halo Infinite as Technical Environment Artist.

    Seems like Obsidian has spent the last few months strengthening their animation team:

    • Jason Diaz - Animation Director.
    • Joseph L. Rubino - Cinematic Director.
    • Chad Elliott - Art Outsource Manager - Animation.
    • Derek Zivolich - Character Animator.
    • Sam Khong - Animation Programmer.


    After Outer Worlds, I think they needed to, especially if they're trying to compete in Next Gen space. :(

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