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  1. it now seems the orientation to building has been altered by 45° to 90 ° depending on item you are placing

    and the walls and ceilings do not line up they step to the side so you have a stair step appearance

     i placed the  scaffolding before update and wanted to finish it today and this is what is happening now ..

    last image is later in day after cutting grass to apply.

    alignment issues.png

    alignment issues2.png

    alignment issues3.png

  2. i have played as a guest and i have hosted and i have see the  content cluster happen 

    but to night when i hosted we noticed  that if an item was crafted on a natural stone it stayed 

    but an item crafted on a crafted floor or foundation it was dumped in to the cluster 

    you tried to open storage in the cluster  you get the prompt but no  opening of storage

      but if you went to were the storage is suppose to be 

    you could put you sight dot on the location  and

    you could open the storage you could not see..

    i hope this can help the DEVs on this problem

  3. i have come across the  need for a single  block of clay foundation

    but had to make it  a full four block and  most of of is under a landscape item

    and lost if i ever need to remove it...

    a simple suggestion:

    is a single   foundation square made of a single clay 

    which can be rotated like the walls 360° every 22.5° is a stop

    also let these blocks stack  one on another

    this would allow for a greater variation in sandbox building creativity


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