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  1. I'm playing on PC.


    I have built 2 bases so far.

    1st base:

    lots of ants around, they are constantly getting stuck in the walls.  every time i leave and come back, the base is full of 20+ ants even though there is no way for them to get in or out.


    2nd base:

    constantly going into combat because theres a mite that spawns somewhere under the ground.  enemies will aggro on me from inside the base with no line of sight.  enemies will attack me from outside the base and kill me even though the walls are not damaged.  all the utilies in the base are constantly being destroyed even though nothing ever gets in.  Every other day theres a spider that will beeline for my base, kill me through the wall and then corpse camp me.  Surrounded the base with spike traps, spider takes 0 damage.  Blocking the spiders attack still kills me 1 hit even with a full suit of armor - but the UI still decides to constantly spam with to tell me that i can block.


    I don't see what the point of the bases is if it doesn't protect you or your stuff in any way from the enemies.

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