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  1. Although even I, a newcomer has noticed this almost dead.. I shall post my thoughts since I have never been on this site before now..


    What I would really like to play.. is the Mandolorian Wars as another Padawan following his mentor into battle.. though that would be back-tracking and you wouldn't find the ties for the exile or Revan.


    I just think that having large-scale battles like that would be awesome (though it would take a lot of computing power) to witness/be a part of.




    But since I know that really isn't possible.. then maybe during the time of the ancient Sith such as Freedon Nadd or those buried in the valley of dark lords.. lightside would be against the Sith, and darkside would be falling to them and fighting against the Jedi..



    Some of the history from the kotor series I would like to know more about, or even witness

  2. Not heard had this happen to me before, but as refuse said, try loading a save from before that point, if not try starting a new game (I know, it is a pain sometimes), if it doesn't work still then backup yuor saves and override and then re-install the game, that should do it


    And as for fuelthefire, you got the wrong topic mate :lol: but here's a suggestion:


    Try re-booting your pc.. you may have to clear out your cache


    if that doesn't help, make sure your computer has the right requirements; try for the recommended specs if you can;


    if you have any back ground processes running, shut them down so that your computer's resources are devoted to just TSL;


    if all else fails, back up your saved games and anything in your override, then re-install the game.

  3. So!?!?! What you are telling me is that evolution in clothing never happens?


    Im not saying that. Im saying how can robes be changed completely in the future? Change the colour to lime green? Add a jazi pattern? Make them skin tight? The robes arent completely the same in KOTOR 2 as they are in the films, they have changed slightly, but I highly doubt the Jedi would spend time designing new robes just to keep up with fashion.


    Well in all honesty... the description of the robes are along the lines of "simple unassuming garments" .. meaning they are not ment for fashion, and robe part is ment to define them as Jedi - or in the case of the darkside - Sith.


    That's all there is to it. The Jedi don't want to keep up with fashion, as it will put a message across to people that the Jedi want to be "hit on" i suppose? and there is no need to change it - as changing it may restrict the movements of the wearer, which is not what the Jedi or the Sith want. They need as much mobility as possible for lightsaber combat.



    Just my two cents...



    A freak.. didn't notice how old this topic was.. sorry

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