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  1. On 1/10/2020 at 12:22 AM, JFSOCC said:

     I completed every quest and task.

    the inclusion of a Big Bad to defeat near the end, and a twist that came out of nowhere felt tacked on.

    I never used the science weapons, as they seemed underpowered.

    I don't think you completed every quest and task.. or you'd know that the "big bad" can by bypassed. And you'd know just how potent the science weapons are.

  2. 12mins eh.. I'd still be staring up at the sky 12 mins into the game.

    What was waste of time and effort imo.  So what if you can skip and run through the entire game in 12 minutes.. He hasn't beaten the game.. he's simply gotten from one end of the line to the other.

    My first playthrough was 42 hours, on my 2nd now and I'm seeing dozens of side missions I missed the first time around.  Must admit I do skip alot of the text.. but not so much on the missions I missed.  I'd like to see a speed run, where a person does every single mission, perfectly.  And kills everything, in each area as required, except using the various disguises etc.

    Also didn't know you could even fly into the sun.. what's the point of suiciding your ending.. can't really celebrate that.

    End credits cutscenes.. our valiant hero.. was burnt to a crisp and did't live happily ever after.

    As for the game being too short.. if my second run takes around 50 hours.. together with the first, that'll be 92 hours.. a third run, documenting each mission, 1-30 levels.. probably another 50+ hours.  And maybe future playthroughs after that.  I'd say 150+ hours of fun isn't too short a gametime to worry over.  It's only as short as you want it to be.

  3. 22 hours ago, evilcat said:

    The whole PC model is waste of time, we need floating gun without body. Oldschool.


    It is using same assets as NPC, they are already there.



    Suspension of disbelief. We know about the FACE, it is there, watching what we see with our eyes.

    Attachment. It is my beard bird girl with tattoos and sideburns.

    Haven't seen any mirrors and in the cutscenes you don't see yourself.. I like the cosmetics but.. if we don't see our faces, why go to such depth..

  4. Takes me about 2 mins now to create a new character, before I took 20mins trying to get "perfect" image.. only to discover you never get to see your own face in the game.  In more similar rpg games you do, therefore such depth is welcome.

    I do agree that it is potentially for an expansion or dlc or maybe they intended to allow 3rd person, but had to remove it.. for whatever reason, just seems an immense waste of resources that could have been used elsewhere, that making such a ui and design setup that has no real purpose ingame.  It is a nice cosmetic painter tho. 

  5. Just finished my first playthrough.

    Whilst the game has some pretty horrible crash bugs, they, seem for me at least to only occur on a specific planet during a specific early part of the game. 

    Since my last crash, over 30 hours past not a one since.

    Overall, this is probably the best £50.  I've spent in a long time.  Obsidion have outdone themselves. 

    I understand from various videos that there were or are several exploits and other issues, but I never used any of them.  And whilst bugs are always an issue, against the game in it's entirety, not worth being upset with.

    I'm going to add Outer Worlds to my list of Outstanding Classic Games.  Of which there are only maybe a couple of dozen.  In all of my gaming life, which is since before the internet was born, before pc's themselves even existed.  Outer Worlds is one of the best games ever made.

    In my humble opinion.

    Well done to the developers.

    I streamed all 42 hours.  Now I have a record of my game, played on hard mode.

  6. Then it's just a massive buggy mess.

    Crashes all the time, like every 20-30 mins, just straight CTD's.. upgrading stuff, can't exit the menu, which is a soft crash, have to force exit game and go from last autosave, therefore loosing hours of gameplay time.

    You literally end up having to upgrade, save, upgrade save, upgrade.. and so on.  Dreadful system.

    Without causing spoilers.. I can only say, once you leave the first world.. the game just starts falling apart. 

    Get it fixed.. £50.. and that's the kind of quality you think you can get away with?

    So when can I expect the patch to fix this horrendous flaws? 6 months? 2 yrs? The usual? Never..   I knew I shouldn't have bought this.

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