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  1. But hopefully the mmo is hated by everyone and they make an awesome kotor 3 to make up for it
  2. I dont understand why people would disagree. it was the greatest part of the games in my opinion
  3. Revan could defeat anyone. except maybe darth vader. or yoda. But since neither of those people lived in the kotor era they dont matter.
  4. Until they give me some kind of announcement, im going to hope there will be another kotor.
  5. Do those force powers cause the injuries? I was under the impression that he got the wounds from somewhere else, but the powers allowed him to feed off the pain and live. I could be wrong though.
  6. Has there been an announcement that there will be no k3, because if there has i would like to know about it.
  7. Revan is all that and two bags of chips. he could kill the exile with two hands and a foot tied behind his back.
  8. Hoth. My favorite battle took place there, and I would like to have a pet wampa
  9. The black and white aspect is star wars. Without its just star trek with wizards.
  10. Im not sure if this has been done or if anyone else would like it, but I think it would be cool to expand on Jolee Bindo's story.
  11. But isnt that how some jedi slip to the dark side? By doing bad things because they thought it was right?
  12. What?!?! There were no Banthas in the shadowlands. There were only tachs.
  13. How was KotOR related to LotR? They are completely different things
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